Opt in, not Opt out, Hub options

• Dec 17, 2022 - 00:44

Ok, Musecore 4 is awesome. Seriously, Sibelius and Dorico might be in a bit of trouble with this one. Just good work all around.

But I do have a beef with the hub launcher. Guys, you need to ask permission before installing things into login items and turning peoples PCs into torrent clients. Not doing that is hostile coding. Having yet another thing install into my top bar exasperates a problem I'm already facing where everything and their dog wants a top bar item.

Further in a lot of the developing world where Musecore can make its most important impact in music education amonst students who could never afford something like Dorico, your messing with already limited bandwidths by hijacking bandwidth.

So suggestions: Make the "startup at login" and "Enable community distribution" options opt in. And perhaps make it a little more discoverable as to how we can install the sound library plugins in offline type ways which will be pretty vital in classroom settings.


I hope this bad practice will change, but I'm not too optimistic. MuseScore is licensed under GNU GLP, so it is impossible to make it proprietary. But the cynic in me expects in the future more and more regressions in MuseScore and to unlock features one will need to run proprietary Hub software as root (which, at this point, can safely be assumed to be malware). The more I learn about this, the more I'm disappointed with MuseScore.

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