How to use Sfizz with MuseScore 4

• Dec 17, 2022 - 01:11

I've just updated to MuseScore 4, since that is the current version in Arch repositories (that's one of the downsides to using a rolling release distribution, I would have preferred to stay on MuseScore 3 for the time being, but the only option for me seems to be the AppImage, which is very unstable and crashes all the time). I do appreciate all the hard work that's been put in version 4, it is certainly an improvement, but being such a new release, it needs more time to have the worst of the issues fixed.

One of the issues I am faced with is with the custom harpsichord sf2 soundfont, which I'm using, in which patches do not follow the GM order. I've read here on the forum that the new MuseScore doesn't let us pick the sound of an instrument from a soundfont, unless we use something called Sfizz. I've never used this Sfizz software before, I've just heard about it for the first time today. Could someone please guide me step by step how to use it. I've found it in the repositories and I've installed it with "pacman -S sfizz". I don't know how to launch it. Nothing changed in MuseScore. What now? How do I access the patch 4 or patch 3 of my soundfont?


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