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• Dec 17, 2022 - 14:07

I'm writing piano music, and while upper clef have a E holding, the E in the lower clef is not been played out.
(Edit: I added pedal in the excerpt but it still didn't work)

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That should be normal, the "note stop" event of the 8th stops the sound or the previous dotted half note. Would happen in a real piano too, as far as I can tell.
Disable the "Play" property for the 8th

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But you haven't used a pedal - at least there is no pedal shown in that picture. I know when playing the piano one uses pedal even where it is not shown in the score but MuseScore has to be told where and when to use pedal. The pedal indication can be made invisible if you want. If you have a pedal indication in your score to hold that dotted half and it is not working then upload it (the .mscz file) so that someone can investigate further.

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In your attached score with the pedal I tried deleting all the notes except the dotted half E and the eighth E on beat 2 of measure 31. I hear the dotted half E sustained for three beats but I don't hear it being resounded on the second beat when the quaver is played. In fact, whether the pedal is used or not seems to make no difference to whether it is held or not.

But then I noticed that the dotted half E had been entered on the upper staff and had been moved to the lower staff as cross staff notation. If you instead add it in a separate voice on the lower staff, then the cut off and pedal behaviour is as one would expect on a real instrument. Try the attached version where I have moved the arpeggios to voice 2 and put the "melody" in voice 1 both on the lower stave. You can add pedal if you like but the sustain makes the arpeggios sound very murky at that low pitch. Also you can make the measure rests on the upper staff invisible if you want to make it look like cross staff notation. I had to massage the phrase marking into position to cover the lower staff.

[Edit] An easier way to get the slur to start on one staff and end on another is to click the first note, SHIFT+click the last note and then apply the slur.

I guess this could be called a bug that the articulation of notes moved for cross staff purposes does not take into account notes on the "moved to" staff. The handling of cross staff notation is a bit clunky at present and this is somewhat of a corner case. However, you may want to raise an issue on Git Hub.

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This looks like the same thing I encountered and posted about a few days ago. The notes in the scale on one staff that correspond to the notes in the sustained chord on the other staff are ignored on playback. This is with the Muse Keys Grand Piano. The MS Basic sound font plays back as expected.

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