MS3/MS4 audio comparison

• Dec 17, 2022 - 17:28

As an experiment I created mp3 files of the same score in MS3 and MS4, and I thought I'd share the results here in case anyone is interested.

I chose this particular score because it is short, includes string, wind, brass, and percussion instruments, has passages that are solo, a subset of the ensemble, and the whole ensemble, and has a wide range of dynamics, giving a variety of things to test. I tried to make the mixer settings as similar as possible.

Since I apparently can't upload audio files to this site, I've put the MS3 and MS4 files along with the MuseScore files in a public access Google Drive folder at;…

If anyone has a problem accessing that folder, please let me know here.

I don't have a really good sound system immediately available to play these on, so maybe that's why the versions don't sound very different to me. But the low cello tremolo at :38 definitely sounds muted in the MS4 version, as does the pizzicato and tambourine throughout, though not as much. The flute at the beginning seems to have a little more character in the MS4 version though, but that might be my imagination.

I'd be interested in any comments. Thanks.


I am also having problems with certain parts being muted or muddled during the playing of compositions with multiple instruments. Sometimes it sounds nice and human, but most times it fades out unnecessarily. I have no idea if it's my computer not being able to run it properly, but it's a Razer laptop and it's kinda beefy. The playback of Muse Sounds may just not be perfect at the moment.

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Thanks, yes when I wrote this post I hadn't yet installed Muse Sounds. I now have and was going to post a Muse Sounds version, so thanks for doing it for me. There may be some interest though in hearing the comparison without Muse Sounds as I originally posted.

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