Musescore Hub is Currently Unusable

• Dec 17, 2022 - 19:52

Hello! I got news that there's a new Musescore, and downloaded it as soon as I could - about 10 minutes ago - and upon opening it, it says it couldn't connect to the internet, despite a perfect, clear connection, which I'm using now to make this post. I'm not saying the app is good or bad, as I haven't been able to use it at all. If this is a common issue with a simple solution, plz let me know, thx!

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This is not a useful request. We are reporting it here, on the MuseScore site. I've also put it on Github. If this is important to you to put on ZenDesk, please do so with your apparently pre-made ZenDesk account, and do not force users to use a system outside of the system you provide. Please. Also, it already exists.

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ZenDesk is the "system you provide" when you pertains to the Muse Hub team, which is not the same as the MuseScore volunteers and contributors.
All that is asked is that people report issues with the Muse Hub software on the platform provided for registering them by their developers.

I had the same problem, hub wouldn't open. I solved the problem by opening/viewing the contents of Muse and then clicking the Muse within the folder. After that, I was able to download the desired sounds I wanted to import.

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