The Instrument doesn't play sound when it is hidden.

• Dec 18, 2022 - 05:02

When the instrument is hidden and invisible it doesn't play sound and the Mute Button fades out in the Mixer in MuseScore 4.


Yes, it's silly that the hide function also mutes the voice. If it's intended, that is. Hoping it's a bug that will be fixed soon.

It would be nice with mute and solo buttons beside the visibility button though.

If it is not a bug, but a pretty silly intention, then I have to go back to the 3. version. What I want is for singers could listen to the orchestra, but not to have the conductor's score. Anyway, have you an idea, of how to get back to the 3. version? Via MIDI files?

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Thank you, Jojo... It would be nice if this change is supported. Now it looks a little bit like a parsing error, too. One function is controlled from two places, which is confusing. This should be solved, I believe, on the F10 key, and only on the F10 key. Now on F10 you can't even see why the instrument is actually silent. It took me a pretty long time to figure it out... Have a nice day...

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