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• Dec 18, 2022 - 11:59

HI ,
I have just downloaded MuseScore 4 and you need to know that it is VASTLY INFERIOR to Musescore 3. It is probably quite good actually, but the problem is that I HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO USE MUSECORE FROM SCRATCH, and I should not have to do this - especially as a MuseScore PRO subscriber. Things I used to use are simply not there any more. For example, and this is one of many, when one has a score open and wants to open another to go into the score bar, there used to be a rectangle icon which you simply clicked and your scores are all there ready to select. Now there is no such icon. So, you have to select 'File' then there is the icon - horay!, you click on it, or use Ctrl O, and then a whole new Musescore App panel comes up and you have to wait for the song to load Musescore in a new panel. So now there are 4 clicks when this could be done with one click previously and you don't get what you cold get before.. THIS IS GOING BACKWARDS!!!! There porbably is a way of getting this to work in Musescore 4 like it did before, BUT I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BATTLE TO FIND OUT HOW. DO NOT CHANGE THINGS THAT WORK. DO NOT FIX THINGS THAT ARE NOT BROKEN, JUST TO SATISFY THE EGOS OF SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS. ooh look how cool it that!!! What makes things worse, is that if I open a song which was previously in MuseScore 3, work on it and save it, it is lost to Musescore 3 and I am now stuck with the pain of Musescore 4.


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Dear Jojo, I am sorry if I offended you. But I was hoping for help with the problems of 4. I had great expectations with Musescore 4, as your change from ver 2 to 3 did deliver - which was virtually seamless. I have been with Musescore from before 2.0 and all the upgrades since then have added value to your product. IT IS AN ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL PRODUCT and in my view the best there is not just because it is free.. I keep touting it's virtue over other similar apps to people I meet and many have said how it helped their progress immeasurably as a musicians, me included - see my posts. I have been in software development for decades, and myself have undergone criticism in making it not as user friendly as it could be. BTW this is a very common fault with software developers - Microsoft were at one stage the worst.. I think this is what happened here in going from 3 to 4. Yes of course I can stay on 3.6.2, but what if I had that approach with ver 1.0.? Henry

Ctrl/Cmd+O as well as File > Open work identical in MS4 as they did in MS3 for me (window 10).
But yes, the toolbar icon for this was removed in favor of icons that are supposedly used a lot more during composing/transcribing. It would be nice if the icon could be made available so those missing it profoundly (such as yourself) could reconfigure the toolbar for it; feel free to open up a feature request for that.

As for the new instance/window; this is required currently for the new playback engine to work. There is investigation ongoing to see whether or not single-window mode could be somehow restored.
The new playback engine was written, not because the old one was broken (although it contains some nice cracks...), but because it had reached its limits in how it could understand music notation.

Though I do fail to see how opening scores in a new window forces you to completely relearn the program. Except if you never did anything else in it; but in that case your everything to relearn is actually just a one thing anyhow. Some perspective would be nice.

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Thanks, jeetee. Yours and JoJo's comments go a good way to explaining the approach taken in developing MS4. Maybe I missed it but a bit of an intro would have been nice - like tracking the changes . There were some in the tutorial, but for me these were minor.. My comment about 'starting from scratch ' is hyperbole - exaggereation for effect and not meant to be taken seriously.. There is probably less than 5% difference in the way one interfaces with MS 3.6.2 and MS4 anyhow. I spend about 3- 5 hours a day on MuseScore. It is very much part of my life.

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