Musescore 4

• Dec 18, 2022 - 12:57

There are SO many things wrong with Musescore 4.
1. One has to learn to use Musescore from scratch - one should not have to do this.
2. No 'Open' folder icon. One has to go to 'File> open> then this score opens in a new Musecore panel, which takes a while and 4 clicks are needed, when previously 1 would do.
3. Moving notes up and down takes about 3 seconds - before instantly.
4. The is no 'Inspector' with all its useful functions. F8 gives you something completely different. For example how does one grey-out the black crosses when the dynamics of selected notes were previously blacked (locked)?
5. Exporting to MP3. Now it just goes on and on reapreating the export over and over again, and ONE CANNOT STOP IT!!! You cannot even close Musescore down!
6. Now here is the shocking bit. You open a song in Musescor 4, work on it and save it. Then later you try to open it in Musecore 3. It says this songe was saved in a leter version of Musescore. Click OK. You go to Musescore 4 , you find the song addres, click and you get a BLANK PAGE WITH NOTHING. THE SCORE IS LOST FOREVER!!! Its not in Musecore 3 OR Musescore 4.

These faults are just the tip of the icerberg. Why try to fix things that are not broken?

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