MuseScore 4 - Chords appear in MIDI export even when turned off

• Dec 18, 2022 - 14:18

This is very similar to an issue ( I reported in 2020 with an earlier version of MuseScore, but the solutions there (an unintuitive interface, but not actually any bugs) do not seem to work in MuseScore 4.

When I export instrument parts containing chord symbols to MIDI, the exported MIDI file includes the realized chord notes in addition to the actual part notes.

I have done everything I can think of to stop this from happening:

  1. Muting the chord track in the Mixer.
  2. Unchecking "Play chord symbols" in Playback controls toolbar.
  3. Selecting a chord symbol in the score, choosing "Select… Similar on this staff" and unchecking "Play" in the Properties toolbar.

I do not see any other option to prevent chords from being included in the MIDI export. I thought the issue might be happening because I was working with a score I had originally created in MuseScore 3, but I created a new score in MuseScore 4 and the problem is happening there as well.

I'm attaching a basic score along with the exported MIDI file to demonstrate the issue.

Use case: I frequently create scores in MuseScore and then export all of the individual instrument tracks as MIDI to load into Logic Pro X to use as guide tracks when recording.

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When play is unchecked I'd expect them to not be exported, so that imho should be turned into an actual bug report.

Do note though, that just as in MS3 even though these events are in the same MIDI track, they use a different channel. In your case, sax is in channel 0 and chords are in channel 3; I assume channels 1 & 2 are used for different variations of the Sax sound (such as when muted).

So you can just split out the channels in your DAW.

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I definitely have the same problem with the exported Midi file. As soon as fret boards are added to a score, then they are included in the midi file.
The only workaround I found is to save the file in a version with all fretboards deleted. Then the midi export works as expected...

Confirming this is a bug. I'm working on a file that has chord symbols with their playback disabled and their volume in the mixer set to the minimum (minus 60db).
When exporting to MIDI, on top of the tracks there is another track of a piano playing the chords, even though their playback in MS is disabled.

When I'm adding chords to my score, I intend them to be a general guide for understanding the harmonic world of the music. The written chords are not intended to actually be played or performed.

I'm attaching a sample MS project file and its exported MIDI file.
The desired behavior is: If chords-playback is disabled in MS, then the exported MIDI file should not play the chords.
Actual behavior: The exported MIDI plays the chords in addition to the rest of the tracks.

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When I disabled the chords-playback in the playback controls, it set the chords channel in the mixer as "muted" (as if I clicked the mute button myself) and disabled the mute button so that it became unclickable. Then, I lowered the channel volume to the minimum, and this is the file I attached to my comment.

I read your comment and I tried to re-enable "chords playback" in the playback controls. It returned the "mute" button in the mixer to be clickable again, but its state remained as "clicked" as it was before (e.g. muted).
I re-clicked the mute button again and again to make sure the channel is muted. Its volume stayed at the minimum anyway. Then I disabled "chords playback" in the playback controls, and saw the channel in the mixer stayed the same, this time it did not disable the "mute" button for clicking (but nevertheless, it was clicked, e.g. muted).

All that is to say that my attached file already contained three different ways to make sure the chords channel is not heard, and yet in the exported MIDI it was heard.

Anyway, I reported this on GitHub.

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You mean, exporting the file to midi without saving the song in MS4? Because for me, entering the chords is almost in the same level as entering notes. I definitely don't want to waste my time rewriting what was thouroughly done.
Well, I removed the chords without saving the file in MS4 and it worked ok. As long as we don't save the file by accident we'll be alright.

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