MS4 Playback Dynamics

• Dec 20, 2022 - 11:52

Thank you for MS4, I love it!

I was very pleased to see that MS4 includes the Voxengo MSED plug in. I record our saxophone quartet at home with a mid side microphone setup using the Voxengo MSED plug in with the Reaper DAW and achieve some nice results.

So I was excited to load a score into MS4, pan the quartet as per performance with soprano on the left to baritone on the right and insert the MSED plug in in the Master channel set to decode.

The resulting audio is a nice wide stereo image but the dynamics of the score don't seem to be implemented. In the attached score the soprano comes in at measure 3 with a mp dynamic and the ATB parts continue underneath with a p dynamic. This doesn't seem to be implemented in playback where the ATB parts actually sound louder than the melody and overwhelm it. The soprano volume slider has to be pushed up quite a bit to restore the necessary balance.

So is there an issue with implementing score dynamics when using the MSED plug in?

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