Musescore 4 on Windows 11

• Dec 20, 2022 - 12:53

Musescore 4 works fine, graphically on Windows 10, but on Windows 11 the boundaries seem to be really buggy. In fullscreen, it appears to not fill the screen, with a white border at the top. On this white strip is another set of functioning window control buttons, but if you mouse over to the top right corner to close the window, you'll just end up closing whatever is behind it.

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Luckily, I don't have the issue described in the first post. My main Windows 10 PC runs Musescore 4 maximized just fine on a multi-monitor setup. If I have the second issue on my laptop, which runs Windows 11, I haven't noticed it.
The first post links to two other posts, one of which describes an issue with maximizing on a 4K display ( The laptop I am having this issue on is 1440p, so maybe it has something to do with non-1080p monitors.

On my windows 11 (upgraded from initially Windows 10) Laptop Musescore 4 does work BUT it crashes quite often and I cannot restart it directly: when restarting after a crasch, Musescore 4 appears in the Task-Manager with around 100 MB RAM and (after a short time) 0% CPU, but without optening a window.
After Windows restart, MS4 works again.
Crashes happen in various circumstances:
* Trying to open palettes
* trying to open a second file
* in the mid of playing a piece
* working on accidentals

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