Crashing When Using Headset

• Dec 22, 2022 - 03:23

Hello, I just got MuseScore 4. It worked fine for me, but I installed it on a different computer, and it was crashing on startup there. I figured out that the audio device was the issue. I use a Senheisser GSP 370 headset. It uses a USB dongle to communicate wirelessly, no Bluetooth. It uses middleware called the EPOS Gaming Suite. I also have NVIDIA Broadcast to remove noise from my headset's mic. In my Windows audio menu, it's listed as "Speakers (5- GSP 370)". Switching to another audio output in Windows allows the program to launch. From there, switching the output back to the headset in Windows does nothing. Switching the audio output in MuseScore 4's I/O preferences menu from "System Default" back to the headset causes the program to crash. The crash is recreatable and 100% consistent. It seems like my headset is just not supported by the software, so I can only hope it gets patched in a future update.

Here's some computer specs since forum users always ask for those:
OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor
Graphics: GeForce RTX 2070


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