Musescore 4 playback is extremely crackly, and slower than written. *SOLVED*

• Dec 23, 2022 - 01:01

I am running a windows 10 machine with a ryzen 5 3600 processor, 16 GB ram and a 2070 super. My audio is being played through a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface, and sounds normal in other applications. Musescore 3 sounds fine and I'm not at all sure what could be causing the issue.

The playback is also notably out of time, it slows down and speeds up without any written marking to do so.

I have tried disabling exclusive mode on my interface, increasing the buffer size to maximum in musescore, and I saw someone say that opening the mixer fixed it for them so I have also tried that.

Edit: I solved the problem by lowering the sample rate of my audio interface to 44.1 kHz. For right now I'm going to leave this post up incase someone else is having the same problem, but if that's not allowed let me know.


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Read the minimum specs required to make MS4 play correctly. They make a difference. Only one of my computers has those specs, and MS4 works fine on it. The others I’ve been able to get acceptable playback by doing some or all of the following. Bear in mind that the only spec my other computers lacked was the 4 core CPU.
Turn up the buffer in Preferences I/O. And make sure your best Audio Device is chosen. Not System Default if you have a choice.
Right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar. Select "Sounds". In the popup select "Playback". Make sure the audio device you are using in MuseScore is checked in this window. Click next to the icon and select the "Properties" button. In the new popup, select "Advanced". Here you can uncheck "exclusive Mode" and also take the bit rate down a notch.
As a last resort, I have to use my audio interface on one of my computers. Mine is a Focusrite Scarlett.

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Thanks for your info about the importance of the minimum specs. I tried in vain chaning parameters suggested in various posts.
(I also tried increasing the buffer size to 4k, but that didn't really help. My PC does not have a 4 core processor. Version 4 is also notably more sluggish in loading and executing some functions, but I could live with that.)
Version 3 worked fine with my processor, so I am disappointed I would need a more powerful computer to get decent sound quality again. Having a new lay-out and interface options is nice, but for me not sufficient to justify an upgrade.)

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Again, the computer I'm responding on only has a 2 core processor. But it does have an SSD and 8 gb ram. But with the right combination of settings and audio interface, it makes MS4 usable. Currently, my cheap interface (as well as my Focusrite) work equally well.

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