Musescore 4 View Documents Stacked/ Single Page

• Dec 24, 2022 - 11:09

First time opening the new version, but I do not see a way to either show single page view or stack documents. These are essential tools to me. Am I just not seeing the options in a new place?


Sadly it doesn't appear to be in Musescore 4. I use it regularly in Musescore 3 to easily copy passages without having to scroll the window in which I'm working. I strongly, strongly request this be added to the feature list of MS4 updates.

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Basically, yes. In MuseScore 3 I often have the same file open in two views. One is my “working” window which is where I am actually working on input. When I have a passage that can be copied (rather than input) I go to the other window and find the passage, copy, and then go back to the working window and paste. This way I don’t lose my place in the work while searching for the passage to be copied.

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