Need help deleting a cloud saved score

• Dec 24, 2022 - 11:37

I would like to delete a score because it was messed up beyond repair and wanted to start anew but I can't seem to delete it . Can anyone help me ? I have this downloaded on Windows by the way .


As was stated above, you can login to your musescore account, then click on the dropdown menu next to your account name and you should see "My Scores". That opens the 'Score manager' wherein you'll find a delete button.

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"No delete button to be found."
Correct: there is no Delete button to delete an online score!

  1. On, select "My scores" from the dropdown menu by your profile icon (top-right)
  2. Find the score you want to delete if it's not listed on the first screen of scores (there is a Search box)
  3. When the score is visible, right-click the score title and choose "Open link in new tab"
  4. Now your score is displayed on its own web page.
  5. Find the "3 dots" menu to the right of the score title, and choose "Delete this score"

Thanks, mate! Worked for me with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (game stopped saving, turned out because saves volume reached the limit of Steam Cloud, this helped fix it). Quite literally all the other solutions I found were WAY convoluted.

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