MS4 - unable to pick instruments in font?

• Dec 24, 2022 - 22:57

Wrote this in a thread over in Bug Reports but I'm honestly not sure if it is a bug or what's going on, so I'll ask here where it's less likely to drown.

In MS3 there was a drop down menu in the mixer where I could choose what instrument in the soundfont should be playing for each part, whereas in MS4 I can only pick the soundfont. For MS Basic there is an instrument assigned to each one in my score but for Symphonic Sounds it's just quiet whenever I start playback since it doesn't know what instrument to use as I'm writing for brass band and cornets etc aren't technically in its list of instruments.


It's a limitation currently indeed. The plan is to replace the old system with something better, but for now, you'd need to use a General-MIDI-compatible soundfont, or separate soundfonts for each instrument, or - better - VST instruments. Or a VST player like sforrzando that allows you to load soundfonts and select sounds within it.

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Muse sounds doesn't have a satisfactory cornet/trumpet, nor any flugelhorn, Eb horn, baritone, or euphonium. What's left are the trombones and the tubas (which I haven't tried yet, to be completely honest), along with the percussion. I'll admit I didn't spend more than maybe 20 minutes on looking around, but in that time I couldn't find any free vst for the missing instruments, and the one sf2 I found for euph didn't make a sound when I tried it in Musescore :(

I sorely wish I could invest in a decent vst but I am barely making rent atm so that's for whenever life's looking better than it does currently. I struggle heavily with brain fog and cognitive fatigue, so going on a Google hunt for individual sounds for each instrument and trying them out is a very daunting task, while I have the symphonic sounds sf2 working just fine over on MS3

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Not sure what you mean about trumpet, it’s surely 1000 times better than any soundfont that has ever existed. And is Eb horn really so different sounding from
F? But indeed, flugelhorn is also missing. So if you just had soundfonts or VST’s for those two you should be good. Or use sforzando, which would allow you to continue to use non-GM sounds from with your existing soundfonts .

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Hi there Lena Mini, have you tried the Virtual Playing Orchestra at (note: this is only available in SFZ format which cannot be used with MS4 natively at this time, so you will need an sfz playing VST such as Plogue Sforzando at, or Sfizz at, You can also use an sf2 playing VST such as JuicySF at or the old rgc audio sfz player at, I also found another sf2 player VST called RF-SOUNDFONT at You can also checkout the VSCO2 Community Orchestra at, as well as the
VERSILIAN COMMUNITY SAMPLE LIBRARY (VCSL) at, these are all available in SFZ, VST, Kontakt, etc..., you can see all Versilian's free instruments at You can find other interesting VST's at

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