VST On Linux and Effects

• Dec 25, 2022 - 15:07

I'm on Linux but running the new version of Muse Score I'm really unhappy to see that the VST functions are not present in the mixer (test.png).
Also in the MuseHub, I cannot download effects (musehub.png).
I miss something? Are these features unsupported on Linux?

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You have VST effects with the appimage?

As for hoping to see VST implemented soon, there is nothing in the 4.1 project; there is nothing in the MU4.X Shortlist ("This is where we keep issues we feel should be tackled sooner than those in the MU4.x project").
It is in the MU4.X Longlist ("This is where we store feature requests / changes we think should be implemented in future releases of MuseScore".) https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/projects?type=classic
So they think it should be implemented in a future release. Maybe ...sometime...

I think you'd better light a candle for Saint Rita, because this seems hopeless.
Still no roadmap published.

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The GitHub picture on this is frankly downright depressing. There are some mods that push back on the idea that Linux is second class in this new era of MuseScore development, but that is exactly what the development scheme demonstrates. As of now, any sort of effects capability is scheduled (but not really) for version 4.1.
I say 'but not really' because the implementation has been tagged for community development only. Nobody is assigned to this task. The spin that mods will put on this is "oh, isn't it lovely that the community can develop MuseScore to make it what they want?!"... but that's not really the implication here. This designation is the development team's way of saying, 'we really don't care much about Linux. In fact, we care so little, that this staple function in our cross platform software doesn't even need to work on Linux, and we are good with that, permanently, if need be... go fix it yourself".

I'll get flamed by a mod for this comment, but let's be honest, GitHub is a deaf ear when it comes to Linux capabilities. There's virtually zero productive discussion on Linux exclusive problems over there. Windows problems, on the other hand, get undivided attention and development assignment on the smallest of issues.

The folks that are being vocal about this are end-users. They are composers, not developers. We can't fix it ourselves. It stands to reason that team developers should be responsible to implement GUI represented functions in this so-called cross-platform software. This feature is not a Linux specific 'request'... it is, so far, a cross-platform 'broken promise'.

Linux folks should probably get used to broken promises going forward. Change my mind.

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I can't change your mind. I've been working, whenever possible, on producing classical/baroque organ renderings of organ compositions on musescore 3, and I was actually trumpeting the great value of this software as regards my work. Now, if anyone asks me about Musescore 4, I am reluctant to say anything good. Before this debacle, I was thinking about a donation. Now, I guess I'll have to wait until somebody over there actually listens. And as far as "community support," how about some help for the "community" in fixing this?

Even better, why not bite the bullet and re-establish zita and fluid for Linux? At least that would encourage me, if not others, to move on. And to donate. It would be sad to see the decline of such a great multiplatform tool because of this kind of thing.

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