Piano Notes Dropping Out on Playback

• Dec 26, 2022 - 04:39

Trying to play back using the Muse Keys instruments, I find that whenever a chord is played on one staff and the there is a moving line on the other, any notes in the moving line that match the notes in the sustained chord drop out on playback. For example, playing the attached file using the Muse Keys Grand Piano, the only notes of the scale I hear are D - F - A - B. The other notes (C - E - G - C, matching the sustained C major chord in the other staff) make no sound. It plays fine with the MS Basic sound font. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

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Playback Test.mscz 17.74 KB


I am experiencing similar issue. (I just tried to upload a cloud app .mov but the file was rejected) My issue is that the anticipatory note before the following measure either sounds too early or not at all. I'm also having a playback issue where the playback line snaps jerkily to the next measure as if to create a super strong beat, but it just looks, feels, and sounds awkwardly out of time. I even tried to look for a setting in preferences to change velocity of beat 1. So far, I'm kind of confused by Musescore 4 playback.

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