file becomes corrupted after editing in ms4

• Dec 27, 2022 - 03:39

i had a file in ms3. i opened it in ms4 and it worked for a few days. i made some edits and saved a few times. Then suddenly one day I opened and got the error msg.

Open Error
File ... is corrupted.

The file can no longer be edited in MS3 because it was saved in MS4. Now I am stuck with a useless file.

I am using MS4 version 4.0. Checking for updates show that I am using the latest version.

Anybody can help?


My non-trite answer is to restore a backup ... or always save to a cloud-synchronised folder managed by OneDrive, Dropbox etc so there are many restorable versions. This is the realistic response for any file you value or intend to edit, especially with content you've created. I've been telling people some variation of this for 35 years,

There are many reports of file corruption in MS4 (which despite being "released" is early beta quality in terms of stability), so aside from any help you may get searching on that keyword "corruption" in this forum, I would look inside the hidden folders adjacent to your file that might have it in v3.

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