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• Dec 28, 2022 - 20:52

I have not downloaded 4 but have museHub with woodwinds. It seems that some very common instruments that i use are not in m4. No Accordion! No Ocarina? no Tin whistle? no Recorder? Son muy común. With sound font plugin thay sound ok but could be alot better. So i'm debating if it's worth it to update. Like the new features but i don't use the stuff it has. i'm a woodwind player. Even have a shawm. The Oboe is the only one in m4 that I sometimes use. Will there be more instruments added? Or is there a way to add them from m3?


Muse Sounds is currently focused on orchestral instruments. Others will come in the future. But meanwhile. MS Basic continues to support these sounds. Not sure what you mean by "add them from m3" - the MuseScore 3 sounds are the MS Basic sounds, so you should already be hearing those.

As for whether it's "worth it" to update, it costs nothing of course,e so the answer is generally yes :-). But the other main reason to update is vastly better engraving. Whether or not you are able to take advantage of Muse Sounds, your scores will look much better in MuseScore 4.

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Shawn is not part of the General MIDI standard, so no version of MuseScore has ever had a dedicated sound for that - all versions simply substitute whatever is closest. This hasn’t changed nor is it likely to change. You can still add it as an instrument, you still get a default sound borrowed from another instrument, you can still specify a different soundfont or use one of the orchestral sounds from Muse Sounds.

For plugins - which have nothing to do with sounds - some work already, others might need the developer to make a small change, others might be more problematic. Which are you wondering about?

Note names don’t require plugins either and have not for many years.

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