ghost beats in a measure after "import PDF"

• Dec 28, 2022 - 22:42

Hi folks!

First of all, kudos on an apparent upgrade to the Import PDF feature. It runs lightning fast, and seems to have less chance of returning failures. So thanks!

In this case, it made a bunch of odd errors, like assigning notes to the wrong staff or wrong octave, etc. So I'm cleaning up all that.

But what I'm reporting here is mainly about some measures that have extra beats, like the lower staff of measures 4 and 5. The Measure Properties both report 4/4, but I count more beats than that. It's confusing because some notes are from the other staff. But even after I move the notes to the right staff (had to delete and add by hand since I don't know any other way to correct them), the measure counts are still >4 beats.

Any idea how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!



Just to be clear, it would obviously be ideal if the Import PDF feature got this right from the get go. But what I'm asking about here is even a way to fix it by hand, since I can't figure out how to do it.

It's almost an year now and nobody has come up with a solution.

In my case, some 3-note chords (one eight long, see bar 62) are split up in 2 note-chords followed by the 3rd note. A ghost plus sign is added to both staffs and a ghost rest (eight) is added to the lower staff.

How can I correct it and get rid of these ghost symbols?

PS: By the way, if I copy/paste such a region within Musescore, the ghost rest is actually added to the score and all subsequent notes are shifted one eight to the right.

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"It's almost an year now and nobody has come up with a solution"

No one here us going to come up with a solution. This is a forum for users of MsueScore software. The PDF interpretation is done by an online version of Audiveris.

You can get rid of a rest or a note by pressing [Ctrl][Del] which deletes it and the timeslot it occupies.

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Yes. PDF import does not work perfektly. And in almost all cases it requires a lot of rework.
In the mentioned measures and a lot of the following do this:
Go into note entry mode and rewrite that extra note(s) in the measure in the right place. Then delete this extra note with Ctrl+Del. The slurs must then also be rewritten. I think, there is no other way.

It is a little different in measure 115. Write it in the empty measure 114 and delete the whole measure 115 with Ctrl+Del when it is selected.

It is different again on the first page, on the second measure in each system.
Use the insert mode and insert an eighth-note rest (or note) on the dotted quarter rest. The measure is changed from 7/8 to 8/8 = 4/4. Then cut the eighth notes on beat 2 and insert them on beat 2.5.

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Thank you so much, HildeK, for your help.

I managed to correct the middle part (bar 61 - 108) as you said, and luckily all ghost minus signs in the last part of the score were gone too, automatically. On the first page, however, I was not successful. When I insert an eight note on the dotted quarter rest when in insert mode, the rest reduces to a quarter rest and I still end up with 7/8.

By the way, how can I see whether I'm in insert mode or not? This would be helpful, because when trying to delete measures in insert mode, this will not work.

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> how can I see whether I'm in insert mode or not?
You can see it by the symbol at the top left. Click on the small arrow to the right and select the mode.
Normal (Step-Time) Mode (stylized 'N'):
Insert Mode (note with ± sign):

> On the first page, however, I was not successful.
Sorry, I didn't describe it perfectly. It is also more effective if you use a slightly different way:

  • Select the insert mode. Select the eighth note duration with key '4' and select the symbol for a rest in the toolbar.
  • Place the eighth-note rest directly on the chord beat (using the mouse). It is then placed directly to left of the chord.
  • Result, the rest has been inserted and the duration is now 8/8 (resp. 4/4):

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This is perfect. Thank you!

PS: I thought that I can turn on/off the insert mode you describe by "Ctrl I", but apparently this is not the case. I used "Ctrl I" to add notes to an existing chord, I believe. At least it worked somehow for me, but probably I am missing something there. It seems to me at the moment that there are two different insert modes.

I think it's simpler to correct on music recognition level before you open/import the file into MuseScore. For this, you need the stand alone version installed on your computer first, e.g. Audioveris or some other suitable OMR software

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