moving notes horizontally

• Dec 29, 2022 - 23:05

In MuseScore 3, I could double click on a note and then use the arrow keys to move it left or right. This isn't working with MuseScore 4. Is there another way to do this?

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You you shouldn't need to resport to moving notes just to merge the noteheads. Instead, just make the want you don't want to see invisible (press "V").

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I guess I should clarify, when you're talking about moving horizontally, we're talking about: here's an 1/8th rest followed by an 1/8th note and maybe some other stuff I wish I could could move one position to the left, because somehow it all got shift to the right.
Because when you talk about making stuff invisible, it makes me think we're talking about something else...

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Indeed, if you see the original post, it's about literally moving one note slightly to the left to overlap with another, not about moving it to a different point in time. Moving a note to another point in time is done via cut and paste, in all versions of MsueScore. It works great since you can specify exactly how many notes to move and exactly where to move them, all using the exact same command.

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