Copying MuseSounds to another computer?

• Jan 1, 2023 - 01:54

Rather than repeatedly downloading many gigabytes of Musescore 4 sound samples, can I copy them from one computer to another? Is so, what do I copy? The entire "C:\ProgramData\MuseHub" directory? "C:\ProgramData\MuseHub\Downloads\Instruments"? Other?


Let's say you have 2 computers, both Windows. System A has MS4, MuseHub with its sounds downloaded. System B has MS4, you install MuseHub, but don't download anything. Then you try to copy (some, or all the directory structure from System A). I think then starting MuseHub on System B won't magically make the sound samples become available. I'll wager MuseHub sets up various config and setup data files, that may or may not be appropriate for System B. Just guessing...

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I copied the entire "C:\ProgramData\MuseHub\Downloads\Instruments" from the computer with the sounds installed to another where they were not. Computer 2 did not recognize them. I thought that maybe if I initiated a download of them with Musehub, it would recognize their presence and "register" them. I'm not sure what happened after that - the downloading indicator spun around for a while, longer that I thought it would take to register the existing sound files, but not as long as I would have predicted a full download would have taken.

So, I still hope someone will chime in with the real answer. I really shouldn't have to download 13 GB of stuff over and over and over. It's a strain on my bandwidth and I would expect their server's, too. There must be a better way.

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Maybe that works, maybe not. There have been reports here that turning it offin the UI doesn't seem to actually turn it off for everyone.

For me it took a couple of minutes to download all the sounds, so I have a pretty good connection. When I discovered that my computer had been turned into a bittorrent server I just uninstalled it all. It is bordering on malware to do this by default.

If they had just published it as a torrent to begin with, without being sneaky about it, I would happily have seeded it for a long time.

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I think you may be right that the file sharing feature can't be turned off. I find that there is a persistent Windows service installed, named "muse hub background service". It can be stopped, but it will automatically restart on bootup, and that can't be changed. I don't like that.

Under Windows, at least you have a choice. Under Linux, if it is not specific distribution like Ubuntu, MuseSounds installer isn't even available. So, I wish I could simply copy the files that I have downloaded under Windows to the Linux PC. Why shouldn't this be so complicated? They are just sort of sound font files, aren't they? For the regular sound font files, I could just copy those files and set the path in MuseScore to make it use them.

Did MuseScore intentionally make it not work if the files are just copied? If so, what they want Linux users do? There is no installer for my Linux distribution.

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IMHO, you can copy the sound files from Windows to Linux

To use musesounds on Linux, you need the library:
~/.local/share/MuseSampler/lib/ (on my system)

-Musesounds intruments

Location of instruments is configured in:
In this hidden file, put the location of the musesound instruments , default :

So the only thing that might be a problem is how to get the library, which is normally installed via muse-hub

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