Musescore 4 new Soundfonts keep causing the app the crash

• Jan 1, 2023 - 13:29

Unfortunately, when trying to play my score in Musescore 4 with the new soundfonts, the app crashes when it gets to a certain section. The app works fine without the font activated. As far as I can tell, it is not the fault of my computer. I am running Windows 11
If I'm in a section that causes it to crash, I can not click on any of the notes within the bars.
This score attached was originally created in Musescore 3.6.2 and seems to have transferred over fine. The issue happens at around bar 32-33. The score works fine without the new soundfonts. Ive deactivated instruments and reactivated with no avail. I even play parts that have just 2 instruments and it doesn't work.
I currently have MuseBrass, Choir, Harp, Keys, Percussion, Strings and Woodwind downloaded.
I'm not sure what else I should add but let me know if I've missed any information

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Agreed. This score crashes at measure 31. No idea why. Sometimes you can export a problem score as mxl and open it in MS3 and get a list of problems. No dice on this score. So from MS4 I exported as mid. I opened that in MS4 add no crash. You'll need to check fonts. This at least gives you a score you can work on. Hope this helps.

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Thank you for taking the time to try this ^^
I managed to individually go through the fonts and the one that caused it to crash was the Tubular bells. Not too sure what correlation that has with crashing but it's weird.
The exporting as a Midi also seems like it works, would just need to make a few adjustments
Thank you again :D

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I just encountered a similar issue, coincidentally after adding a Tubular Bell part to my score, but the problem persisted even after MuseScore crashed and prevented the Tubular Bell part from saving.
My score only started crashing after updating Muse Woodwinds, so with that being my only lead, I manually disabled and reenabled every soundfont until I narrowed it down to the Piccolo soundfont (luckily pretty quickly since it was the second instrument from the top.)
Not sure why this happened but hopefully it'll be fixed in the next version of Muse Woodwinds

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