Fullscreen on launch woes

• Jan 5, 2023 - 00:34

I can't seem to stop MuseScore 4 from opening up with the canvas at full screen. Big point of inefficiency for me, as I work almost entirely with more than one application open, and don't want Musescore to take over the entire real estate. Is there a setting I can set? Using Musescore 4 on a Mac mini 11.7.2 Big Sur



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I should clarify: it's not literally full screen when I open the application--it's defaulting to my screen width for the wizard and for any score I open. I want to be able to control the width somehow when I open things up--I suppose my go-to would be the width of one page only, or maybe two, but covering the whole screen is definitely not what I want. As in the screen shots--musescore 3 opens up as big as I'd like it, the full screen coverage on ms4 is too much.

Is there a line in the pref file I could tweak?

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