Fullscreen on launch woes

• Jan 5, 2023 - 00:34

I can't seem to stop MuseScore 4 from opening up with the canvas at full screen. Big point of inefficiency for me, as I work almost entirely with more than one application open, and don't want Musescore to take over the entire real estate. Is there a setting I can set? Using Musescore 4 on a Mac mini 11.7.2 Big Sur



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I should clarify: it's not literally full screen when I open the application--it's defaulting to my screen width for the wizard and for any score I open. I want to be able to control the width somehow when I open things up--I suppose my go-to would be the width of one page only, or maybe two, but covering the whole screen is definitely not what I want. As in the screen shots--musescore 3 opens up as big as I'd like it, the full screen coverage on ms4 is too much.

Is there a line in the pref file I could tweak?

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Good morning and thanks for the response. Sadly, full screen is already unchecked--it always opens to the full size and I have to shrink it manually. The home screen will remember as long as the application is open, but if I quit Musescore, it won't remember the resize.

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view>full screen is not the problem Full screen means the entire screen on the mac (obscuring the menu bar and the dock). That's probably why unchecking that menu item doesn't fix the problem. Full screen is what the green button in the top left of every Mac window does.

Upon launch, the canvas is sized to 100% of the desktop. Leaving only the menu bar and dock visible. That's what's driving some of us who like to work with multiple windows crazy.

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Having MuseScore remember, or allowing the user to set what scale they want upon launch on the desktop version would be a welcome touch. The less a computer program acts like it's a phone app the better, IMHO. I just upgraded my mac and now all the settings act like they are on an ipad--can't find anything anymore (shakes fist at clouds like an old man) ;)

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