Musescore Sounds — Lost Woodwind — Help !

• Jan 5, 2023 - 16:01


I've been running MS4 on a Macbook Air for a few weeks without issue. Suddenly, today, I opened my current orchestral score and the woodwinds had reverted to MS Basic sounds.

The screenshots will show that: (a) MS4 no longer recognises the Musesound Woodwind; (b) fthe older with the Woodwind sounds is still present (and the spx files are contained within).

  • I cannot reinstall the Woodwind from Musehub because it is already checked (downloaded).
  • I have tried switching between MSBasic and Musesounds in the Playback prefs, but this did not 'force' it to take.


(1) Is there another way of 'forcing' MS4 to re-find the Woodwind?
(2) If not, should I reinstall MS4 / Musehub/ Musesounds / All of them ?

Thanks for the advice.



Hello. I am commenting to say that I have noticed the EXACT same problem today. As far as I can tell, nothing triggered this change. I just ran MuseScore the same way I've done every night and the program behaves as though I never downloaded Woodwinds. But I did, and it is still on my system.

Only difference is I'm using it on a PC Desktop running Windows 10. So, it doesn't seem like a platform specific issue.

Edit: I might have a clue as to what the issue is, I noticed that there is a file in the "C:\ProgramData\MuseHub\Downloads\Instruments" folder named ".instruments". I can't read the file properly using notepad but I have a hunch that it has information with instructions on how MuseScore should use the instruments in the folder. Well anyway, that file as a date modified of 7:56 AM this morning. All the other files and folders were last modified the day I downloaded MuseScore. So, something clearly changed and the timing of the change correlates with the timing of all the issues I've been having. I'll post more if I learn more.

I've solved the issue. It seems like a MuseSounds update for the woodwinds sounds was released. After downloading the update (by going to MuseHub, settings, and clicking "update"), MuseHub updated to the latest version of Woodwinds (and Strings, which were also not working, although I didn't realize it at first). Once that was done everything worked like normal.

As to why MuseScore ignores instrument sounds that are not up to date, I have no idea why that is a thing. Probably has something to do with that ".instruments" file updating before the actual MuseSounds are downloaded by the user. But in order to avoid this problem in the future, I think you should go to MuseHub settings and turn on the setting to automatically keep apps up to date.

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What a coincidence, thank you very much for due diligence and insight. Hm, very interesting indeed, and (sort of) pleased that it's not just me nor the operating system. I blindly fumbled through the folders to look for a corrupted or altered text file that 'pointed' to the Muse Sounds, and I even (temporarily) moved out candidate files, but without a remedy.

In the end, I deleted all the Muse Sounds and reinstalled them (without reinstalling MS4), like you, and it reinstated the woodwinds. Considering that I had not updated MS4 itself, I'm rather bemused how it might 'know' that there is a new update of the Sounds, so I am not entirely persuaded that is the explanation — although I would gladly be proved wrong! I just think the reinstall cleared the problem.

I'll certainly keep an eye on this and escalate, if needs be.

Thanks for your time and thoughts.

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The .instruments file is a sqlite3 database, which can be queried with sqlite3 (sqlite3.exe on Windows)
See attached musehub_sqlite.txt file

It might be interesting to see what's in the database for woodwinds.
(see end of text file)

(not related : in the metadata file, there is an embedded xml with ArticulationClasses - could be interesting, maybe)

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