How to add and edit images in MS4

• Jan 7, 2023 - 17:28

In MS3 if I want to add and edit an image in a frame, I right click on the frame for a menu from which I can select Add Image, and when the image appears in the frame I can select it by clicking on it and then reposition and resize the image right in the frame, just like in many graphics editors. This all seems to have disappeared in MS4. I can still add the image, when when I do, I can't select it to move and resize it. The Properties box gives options which seem to be for editing the image, but none of them do anything when clicked. The on line manual has a section titled Working with images which does not in fact tell you how to work with images.

Edit: After more experimentation I'm finding a way to sort of make image adding and editing work in MS4, though I still haven't mastered it. The way the frames are handled in MS4 makes it non-intuitive how to keep the image from overlaying text, and I got the Properties box to work for moving and resizing the image, though I'm still not sure how I did it. If the manual explains this, someone please tell me where, since I couldn't find anything helpful there. The confusion in MS4 seems to arise from the fact that in MS3 you can edit the image as soon as it is put in the frame, just by clicking on it, without going to a Properties window. In MS4, if I understand what is going on, you have to open the Properties window before you can arrange the image with the cursor (?or do I have this wrong?)


Can you please elaborate more on the process? I'm having the same problem at the very moment; I'd like to add my own designed cover to the first page for one of my scores, and suddenly noticed that it's just locked in place. So far, I don't know how to enlarge it or move it around.

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It's very confusing. As I said above, I managed to get an MS4 score to a point where I could manipulate the image as in MS3, but I'm not sure how I did it, and I find I can't figure out how to do it again. If anyone else has some advice on this, please post it.

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