Violin/String Playback is Nearly Unusable

• Jan 7, 2023 - 23:13

As much as I commend the developers for fantastic strings when it comes to long, spacey, drawn-out passages, the violas, cellos, and especially violins are almost unusable when it comes to quicker pieces. There are so many issues where it won't play the timing back correctly and sometimes omits notes entirely- it is very glitchy and sometimes just sharp in general. To combat this I've added staccato and accent markings (and then made them invisible) to make sure the playback actually plays all the notes, but the timing issue persists and it is incredibly frustrating as a professional who works a lot with quicker and more lively strings. Any advice? (I've tried to increase the buffer but there are no options in the dropdown for me to change it- it is stuck on 1024.)


Same issue I've had. I have done everything I could find to try and make Musescore not impossibly laggy with extremely choppy audio, and from there I was going to go on and begin looking for how to make instruments (mainly strings) less 'expressive'. They just ease into some notes more than I would like, and it's especially bad on quicker pieces, where there isn't enough time for them to make any recognizable sound over the rest of the music. For now, I've just been writing in MU3, exporting with MU4, and making any necessary adjustments here and there (a stupidly long process).
Any time I even go to just click a note, MuseScore crackles and hangs for a straight 3 seconds. Saving is no fast function, either. I don't know. I hate to say it, but we may have to wait for an update to see if anything gets improved. I'm out of possible solutions. For now, MU is unusable. I wonder what the percentage is for people that downloaded it and don't have issues, but I've seen posts left and right talking about that horrible 'crackle' and downright lag, so I know I'm at least not alone.

I have also experienced very choppy and unclear reproduction of instruments while using MuseScore 4. Never experienced this using MuseScore 3.

Will wait for next versions. In the meanwhile I think I will continue with MuseScore 3 which is a very nice stable version.

I find that the mp3 scores created by MS4 sound much better than when they are played with MS4 playback. In fact, so far I haven't noticed any scratchiness, etc. in the MP3s, though I haven't done very many yet or thoroughly examined the ones I have done. But it's apparent that the MP3s at least sound a lot better. An example of a recent mp3 from MS4 is at:

(Ignore the label that says the audio has been mastered with SoundCloud mastering; it hasn't been. The label is there because a previous version was mastered, and once you upload a new audio file to SoundCloud, SoundCloud keeps the SoundCloud Mastered label there even the new file hasn't been SoundCoud mastered.)

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