Pulling four parts out of a Barbershop score

• Jan 9, 2023 - 10:28

It has been a while since I tried to make parts out of something. I have a four part mens Barbershop score on two staves. I clicked parts ... all parts and tried a variety of things but couldn't get parts with separate parts for all the voices. Sometimes I got two of them and then two single parts with just rests.

Please tell me how I can get four separate parts. Thanks


Explode works, but you need to do several things to get a good result.

  1. Add (with 'i') two new staves, one called 'TENOR' below 'LEAD/TENOR', the other called 'BASS' below BARI/BASS. You will get four staves, the second and fourth are still empty.

  2. Select all the notes in 'LEAD/TENOR' stave and use 'Tools' / Explode.

  3. Do the same with the 'BARI/BASS' stave.

  4. Use Staff/Part Properties to rename for each staff 'Part Name' and the long and short instrument name as desired.

  5. Generate your parts.

(It's working in that way with Musescore 3.6.2.)

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