3rd party sfz files

• Jan 10, 2023 - 13:18

Now that there is no synthesizer, can 3rd party soundfonts be installed?. The default soundfonts for instruments like guitars, well, frankly, suck.
I understand that there is work being done on VST plug ins, but there is no help yet in the handbook. There is also no help on soundfonts, just reference to Musescore 3 items.
I like the sounds of the "Musesound" instruments, yet a whole different level of sound feels lost.
I often use sound effect soundfonts, whistler soundfonts, and Ultimate Guitar soundfonts, (I use these almost always)


Just curious... in what program/environment do you use the various soundfonts you mention? FWIW, I've had varying degrees of success/satisfaction with soundfonts in MS3. And in a somewhat vague opinion I have about MS4, the "new thing" of MuseHub & MuseSounds, the company understands people seek the best quality audio output.

I've seen individuals speculate their opinions that MuseSounds may at some point in future become a "pay to play" add-on. I'm neutral on such speculations. At this early stage of MS4 and MuseSounds, I've seen knowledgeable people say, "you don't have to use MuseSounds - just use the default sounds if you can't get it running". Don't shoot me - I'm just the messenger.

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