Which "Handbook" for a beginner...the one for ver 3 or for ver 4?

• Jan 11, 2023 - 02:56

I'm new to Musescore, having recently downloaded version 4. I've glanced briefly through the "Handbook for Musescore 4", but at present it doesn't appear to be as detailed as the "Handbook for Musescore 3". (I realize MS 4 is new and perhaps the Handbook has not been fully fleshed out).

Which version would you recommend for someone just starting out? (Or perhaps one must simply refer to both in parallel?)

~ Thx, Kevin J.


In all honesty, I would recommend having an ability to run MS3 OR MS4 on your (presumed) computer... Yes, that means more complexity of installation and general management. Given you're just starting out with a VERY feature-laden software, I'd say there's an advantage to using the tried-and-true MS3 first. From there, that working knowledge and experience will significantly transfer to MS4.

Obviously, other folk here will have differing opinions on this. But were you to start your journey on MS3, by the time you're familiar with that environment, MS4 will likely have evolved, with bugs corrected and other refinements.

For Mu4 use the Mu4 handbook. But indeed that is not yet fully done, so you may need to rstor to the Mu3 handbook at times, but be aware that quite many things have changed

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