Musescore 4 - Changing folder locations ?

• Jan 14, 2023 - 19:03

Reorganized MuseScore revisions 3.6 and 4.0 folder locations. I placed each in a MuseScore folder.

Launched MuseScore 3.6 and changed the folder locations in preferences for scores, templates, etc. No issues

Launched MuseScore 4.0 and changed the folder locations in preferences for scores, templates, etc. I browsed to the parent folder, and a new MuseScore 4.0 folder was created with-> Cloud Scores and Scores. Is there another resource that needs to be changed?

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Is this macOS? Looks like you've red-boxed-out things you don't want people to see. But I can't make heads nor tails of this... Where are the Cloud Scores & Scores?

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just boxed out folders not pertinent to this question. See new pic attached.

What you see is a parent Musescore Folder that has 2 sub-folders MuseScore 3 and MuseScore 4. These folders have all the sub-folders for Musescore, (scores, etc).

IN Preferences (see last 2 pics), I have changed the folder path locations for both MuseScore 3 and MuseScore 4 accordingly

My question is: (see pic with red question marks) when launching MuseScore 4, Another parent folder is created. So now you will see the parent folder MuseScore (with its siblings MuseScore 3 and MuseScore4) and MuseScore 4.

hope this makes sense

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Based on the 2nd graphic, you're using macOS. How your paths have gotten as they are, I don't know. 'MuseScore' and 'MuseScore4' are at the same subdirectory 'level'.
Based on your 3rd graphic, the full path appears to be: "/users/ronyd/Documents/MuseScore3/ (and so on)".
BUT, the 1st graphic shows no "...Documents/MuseScore3/..." structure. I hate to say it, but because you've so tightly cropped your screen capture in the 1st graphic, we don't know what's ABOVE that structure.

People with bigger brains can chime in. I've included my MS3 & MS4 info for comparison. Mind you, that's using Linux AppImage programs, not 'installed' ones. I don't think this means so much for your macOS.

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oh sorry there...must have copied the wrong pic.

Really not complicated what i'm asking. I want both versions as subfolders under the parent folder MuseScore (see Musescore_layout pic)

Attached pics show are the prefs for both Musescore 3.6.2 and MuseScore 4 for the layout I want.

The Musescore 4 folder you are seeing at same level of the folder MuseScore is my question. So when musescore 4 is launched, why is it creating the Musescore 4.0 instead of using my prefs ?

hope this helps...

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Ok. You can want a particular thing. Once you get both versions set up, and then SYNC what you want for folders & preferences, I'd say you're golden.

This "when musescore 4 is launched, why is it creating the Musescore 4.0 instead" is beyond my understanding. We've posted enough for others to weigh-in with their suggestions.

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