How can I adjust dynamics' volume ?

• Jan 15, 2023 - 10:03

Good morning !
In the first scores I wrote with MS4, I can't hear some instruments playing piano in the playback. I wonder if I can set myself the volume of the dynamics, not only punctually in some measures, but in general in the score, or in general in the program. But I can't find a menu to let me do it (I hoped in the style menu), and the F8 proprieties doesn't help...

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Velocity adjustments are not available for dynamics settings in MS4. Stick with MS3 if you want to make adjustments to velocity of dynamics. Also if you save a score in MS4 that you developed in MS3 be aware that any velocity settings for hairpins in your score will be reset to 0 and you will not be able to change these until a new version of MS4 is released where the velocity settings have been activated. If you save the file in MS4 under a different name you will still have a copy in MS3 that you can work on with live velocity settings. You cannot get around this problem by exporting your MS4 score in .mxl format and re-opening in MS3 because 1. all your hairpins will be reset to zero and 2. when you set them in MS3 to a particular value there will be no change to the volume in playback in MS3 - i.e. this function will no longer work for that score in MS3. I have learnt all this the hard way i.e. I have a score where I now am unable to use the velocity function until this function is made live in MS4 because I worked on it in MS3 then saved it in MS4 unaware of these issues - so I am sticking to MS3 for any other scores I am working on until this issue is resolved in MS4.

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