Shortcut key missing - "Apply current palette element"

• Jan 17, 2023 - 11:21

MuseScore 3 had the option to assign a shortcut key for "Apply current palette element" – a VERY useful feature for repeating, say, pedal marks at the press of a key.

In MuseScore 4, this option seems to have been removed from [Edit]>[Preferences]>[Shortcuts].
Am I right? If so, this is not good. Functionality should never be removed from a program once it has been added at an earlier stage.

Can you please reinstate the feature in the next update, or point me towards an alternative method?

Thanks! 😊


It's in the works: see
Future developments:
A very important shortcut, also for reasons of accessibility.
Workaround for Windows - using AutoHotkey and unique identifiers for palette elements:…
I wrote this for MuseScore 3.6.2. In MSc4. missing the shortcut, the macro must click on the hotspot of the single shown palette element.

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