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GSoC'22 - Week #8: Global Shortcuts

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Palette Shortcuts

In the eighth week, significant progress was made on palette shortcuts. However, after consulting with the team, it was determined that this feature must remain a proof-of-concept for the time being. The justification for this is that there are a number of issues that directly impact this.

  • For instance, activities using default keyboard shortcuts cannot be cleared.
  • If new palette components are introduced in an update, the user cannot simply add them without resetting his palette settings, which
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GSoC'22 - Week #7: Global Shortcuts

2 weeks ago • 0 comments

Palette Shortcuts

In the seventh week, I primarily focused on palette shortcuts. Initially, there were some issues with my implementation of these shortcuts, and some issues persisted, and a few still persist.

In the past, palette cells could only be assigned keyboard shortcuts if their names remained constant.  Obviously, this was not the correct solution; thus, it was rectified. Although keyboard shortcuts may be set from palettes, they should also be assignable from the preferences for keyboard shortcuts. If they are

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GSoC'22 - Week #6: Global Shortcuts

3 weeks ago • 0 comments

Conflict-Issue Resolution

The sixth week marks the halfway milestone of the project. This week began with the resolution of a shortcuts issue I discovered while working on my project: PR #12479.
This problem was relatively straightforward and was also described in the PR. In essence, the problem was that the conflict checking compared the string form of two shortcuts, which was OK for the most part, but presented issues when the shortcut already set had several sequences. For instance,

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GSoC'22 - Week #5: Global Shortcuts

4 weeks ago • 0 comments

Missing Shortcuts Issue

The fifth week was quite active. Essentially all of the week was spent working on the missing shortcuts issue with the team. As soon as I had the shortcut contexts in the spreadsheet shown in the last blog article, I started adding them to the code. This approach was made a bit easier by the script I had written (I had tweaked the category addition script to add shortcut contexts instead). However, it required quite a few adjustments

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GSoC'22 - Week #4: Global Shortcuts

1 month ago • 0 comments

Hello, everyone! Now that the fourth week has passed, I am pleased to say that the Note Input Toolbar and Playback toolbar UI shortcut assignment functionality has been converted into a Pull Request. Please observe the same here: PR #12265.

Additionally, the python script, which is around 120 lines, that can add categories to the spreadsheet has been completed. This implies that once the spreadsheet containing all of the shortcut categories is complete, adding them into the code should

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GSoC'22 - Week #3: Global Shortcuts

1 month ago • 0 comments

Hello, everyone! With the conclusion of the third week, I am pleased to report that the Note Input Bar and Playback Toolbar shortcuts are currently in the testing phase. If you'd like to have a look and give it a try, please visit: https://github.com/VanSHOE/MuseScore/tree/NotePlaybackShortcuts
The majority of this week was devoted to the classification of shortcuts. Since categorization by the team would take some time since the process requires a lot of iterations, I began designing a script that

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GSoC'22 - Week #2: Global Shortcuts

1 month ago • 0 comments

Hello, everyone! The second week has now concluded. I may not have as much to showcase as I did in the first week, but I have made considerable progress on the backend.

This week was primarily devoted to developing a strategy for managing palette shortcuts and constructing a preliminary implementation thereof.

Action names are now produced based on their pointer values as opposed to their names, and all shortcuts are now kept in the palette cells themselves as opposed to storing

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GSoC'22 - Week #1: Global Shortcuts

1 month ago • 2 comments

Hello, everyone! The first week of GSoC Coding has recently concluded. Currently, I have quite a bit to show for my work, which included some preparation work during the time of community bonding.

In this blog post, I will provide YouTube video links explaining the changes. For those who do not desire to see the videos, a similar explanation and text will be provided here with a summary at the end. I hope this ensures that everyone is able to comfortably read

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GSoC'22 - Global Shortcuts

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Hello everyone, I am Rahul Garg, a second-year student at the International Institute of Information Technology in Hyderabad, India, where I am pursuing a B.Tech. in Computer Science and an MS in Computational Human Sciences. I am ecstatic to have been selected by MuseScore for GSOC'22, and I am eager to work on my project and interact with the community!

Project details

My project is titled "Global Shortcuts", and its purpose is to improve the shortcuts system within the

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