GSoC'22 - Week #3: Global Shortcuts

Posted 2 months ago

Hello, everyone! With the conclusion of the third week, I am pleased to report that the Note Input Bar and Playback Toolbar shortcuts are currently in the testing phase. If you'd like to have a look and give it a try, please visit:
The majority of this week was devoted to the classification of shortcuts. Since categorization by the team would take some time since the process requires a lot of iterations, I began designing a script that could read the categorization data provided by the team and automatically insert it into the code. This assures efficiency since after this script is completed the next week, I can concentrate on other areas of the project; otherwise, manually adding categories to over 400 actions would be rather time-consuming and adds more possibilities of erroneous additions during the process.

So, in short, this week I completed making the playback shortcuts assignable from the UI. They are:

  • Play
  • Rewind
  • Loop Playback
  • Metronome

The next week will be mostly devoted to creating and implementing the aforementioned script, as well as correcting any bugs discovered during the testing phase of the work completed so far.