GSoC'22 - Week #6: Global Shortcuts

Posted 2 months ago

Conflict-Issue Resolution

The sixth week marks the halfway milestone of the project. This week began with the resolution of a shortcuts issue I discovered while working on my project: PR #12479.
This problem was relatively straightforward and was also described in the PR. In essence, the problem was that the conflict checking compared the string form of two shortcuts, which was OK for the most part, but presented issues when the shortcut already set had several sequences. For instance, if a shortcut had the sequences A and B, its string form would be A, B. This implies that I may activate this shortcut by pressing either A or B. Therefore, neither should be assignable to any other action. However, the check did not detect any conflict since everywhere I added either A or B, the result did not equal A, B. Therefore, I had to make a little adjustment to the checks.
Now that the PR has been merged, the problem has been resolved.

Continued Work on Palette Shortcuts

After this, I began transferring my work on palette shortcuts from the old branch to the new branch in preparation for the future (like I did for toolbar shortcuts, shortcuts categorization, and context addition). This consolidation enables me to work much more effectively on it. Before (and even now), palette work is mixed in with all of my other work, making it challenging for a human to sort through. I want to begin working on this as soon as the transfer is finished the following week unless some other major issue with shortcuts arises that needs to be prioritized.

Missing Shortcuts Issue Resolution

I am also happy to announce that the PR #12414 has been approved for merging. I will continue to update it frequently in the event of merge conflicts, and I would be delighted to have this portion of my project integrated into the main branch.

Project-related work submitted on GitHub till now