GSoC'22 - Week #4: Global Shortcuts

Posted 2 months ago

Hello, everyone! Now that the fourth week has passed, I am pleased to say that the Note Input Toolbar and Playback toolbar UI shortcut assignment functionality has been converted into a Pull Request. Please observe the same here: PR #12265.

Additionally, the python script, which is around 120 lines, that can add categories to the spreadsheet has been completed. This implies that once the spreadsheet containing all of the shortcut categories is complete, adding them into the code should take no more than a few minutes.

Missing shortcuts Issue

The week began with a meeting discussing the solution to the missing actions issue. (Issue #11060)

I have extracted all the actions along with their current contexts into another spreadsheet that looks like this


Currently, the initial objective is to give contexts to each of the actions that do not have them. Once this is complete, they too can be inserted instantaneously to the code using the script I mentioned before.

Toolbar shortcuts

The majority of my weekend was spent implementing the proposed modifications in the PR, which included reducing duplication of the code and implementing a generic solution that avoids the outlined problem. I think it is almost complete and has been posted for further reviews.

Expand/Collapse All

The Expand/Collapse all button on the Shortcuts page was another item I had built on this week. The implementation may be seen in the video below:

YouTube video: MuseScore Design Choices for assigning shortcuts to UI elements