GSoC'22 - Week #5: Global Shortcuts

Posted 2 months ago

Missing Shortcuts Issue

The fifth week was quite active. Essentially all of the week was spent working on the missing shortcuts issue with the team. As soon as I had the shortcut contexts in the spreadsheet shown in the last blog article, I started adding them to the code. This approach was made a bit easier by the script I had written (I had tweaked the category addition script to add shortcut contexts instead). However, it required quite a few adjustments to function correctly. The procedure required several revisions, and the draft may be seen here:

The contexts for keyboard shortcuts have been relocated from the XML files to the CPP code. All of their descriptions have been modified according to the team's recommendations.

I have also modified the shortcuts list logic so that actions without shortcuts are no longer ignored. (

This implies that after integrating this PR, all public actions defined in MU4 should be shown in the shortcuts list with their names redesigned!

Toolbar Shortcuts PR

This week I also completed a rebase of the Toolbar Shortcuts PR.

This took a few days due to a recent workflow redesign for modifying the keyboard shortcut (relating to conflict handling). This necessitated that, while rebasing, I integrate the same into my design. This has been completed, but I still need to do further tests to be certain.

Alongside the Playback and Note Input Toolbars for toolbar shortcuts, assigning shortcuts on the notation toolbar is now also included in the PR. This consists of the Parts and Mixer buttons.


You can try the same in the mentioned PR #12265