Every. Note. Is. Sustaining.

• Jan 18, 2023 - 06:59

I’m on musescore 4, writing out a solo jazz lead sheet, when suddenly during my playback every single note is sustaining and there is no way to make it stop. Every time I place a note it sustains indefinitely until I click it again or hit play twice. Is this a bug or did I accidentally turn on a setting or what? It’s pretty annoying to not be able to hear my score.


It's always a good idea to attach your example score (.mscz file) on the thread, so that people can examine why the score behaves as it does. See the "Choose a file" when editing your post.

Perhaps it is the chord that is sustaining and not the note because in the properties pane you selected the chord duration to be extended to the next chord or to the next measure.

That happened to me to until a bunch of people pointed out that I had a tuba part with a pizzicato direction. In MS3 it would have no effect but on MS4 it was enough to make it go haywire.

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