Making a template which contains more than instruments, but also pre-defined texts, ...

• Jan 19, 2023 - 16:17

I've made a template for the type of pieces I'm working on the most for now: it contains instruments, a header, some text frame I need 90% of the time, ...

But when I create a new piece based on that template, all I got are the template instruments. My text frame are lost, my custom header is lost, my custom header-text style is lost, ...

Is there a way to have the template mechanism keeping all those stuff, like we would have in any (Libre)Office tool ?


No there isn't, but that seems no great loss in your situation. You can save the example score you created your picture from as MyTemplateWithText say and then open that, fill it in as you wish and save with a different name. The only benefit a template would provide that I can see is that it can be opened with the new score wizard which will prompt for title. key signature, time signature etc. You will have to add those yourself to your scores rather than having the wizard do it for you after you have provided the wizard with the information. The information has to be provided, it is just a matter of where and how you do it.

Templates simplify the setup of a score for an orchestra. Included are e.g. text and note styles, but not text elements, key and time signatures or even the number of bars.
The reason is that this is usually used to avoid having to rearrange the instruments for the orchestra, which always has the same instrumentation.
In your case, I would simply create a normal musescore file as a pattern that contains the text and simply copy this file for a new score, rename it and then work in the copy.

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Thanks to both.
I think I 'll go that way, along with a plugin that ease the process, such as asking for the piece title, subtitle, .. and adding them to both the properties, the sheet, ... and other stuff that are still useful in the current template system.

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