Changing instrument playback on SATB scores in MS4

• Jan 23, 2023 - 20:11

I'm transcribing some of our choir pieces to chorister-friendly SATB versions. Unfortunately, the voices playback is - let's say - not all that inspiring. I prefer just plain old Piano. The only way so far I found to do this is:

Select Instruments | eg. Soprano | the 'Settings' cog | Replace instrument

and take it from there.

Unfortunately, this needs to be done for each voice separately, even though one can select more than one voice at a time, any setting change works only on the voice whose cog symbol had been selected.

Is there an easier way?


Working on a newly handed out score, I changed the sounding instruments for the voices to piano. I also had to change the 'Name on main score' and 'Abbreviated name' back to the respective voices names. Works fine, sounds like a practice session with the piano playing, except: In the mixer the Names at the bottom do not reflect the named scores but the sounding instrument, i.e., 'Piano'. This is not the end of the world as there are only four voices and the piano accompaniment but . . .

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I think there is a real demand for the return of the ability to modify the sound of the instrument in the mixer when using a soundfont.
This possibility disappeared with MS4. You can only do it with Muse Hub sounds.
It may seem strange to want a different sound from the instrument, but it is useful for example when working with a voice in a choir.
We are a choir of 40 people, and we use Musescore so that everyone can work at home, but I can't imagine asking each of our 40 singers to install Muse Hub in addition to Musescore.

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Aboslutely agree! I work with a choir and I prefear, for example, Bassoons for basses, Oboe for Soprano, Clarinet for Alto and English Horn for Tenor. With MS3 I hadn't problems in changing instruments for each voice, but when I change instruments with MS4, automatically the score changes key according to the instrument set. And it's not possible (or at least I didn't succeed) to change instrument voice without going to modify the line of the individual voices. Anybody has got an idea if it is possible in another way? Thank you! R.Cangioli

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