Crackling sound on Musescore4

• Jan 24, 2023 - 18:43

I don’t know whether you are aware, but on some computers the sound quality on the new Musescore4 is outstanding and on others it is appalling (it crackles).
I don't know whether it is to do with the level of storage on my computer or whether it is the fact that it is 5 years old!!
I wondered whether this is being fixed and how long it will take to do so, because I am an A-Level Music student and I need to be composing on it, so it is of vital importance that, not only for me, but for other users, that this gets fixed as soon as possible.

If anyone has any answers, please do reply!


Yes this problem has been reported since at least August of 2022, perhaps even further back. Musescore 4 seemed revolutionary (for itself anyway) in its sound design but its note input is atrocious now compared to all previous versions. I could talk for weeks straight about the things Musescore 4 actually made worse.

Anyway, I saw another user's post that said keeping the mixer open can help get rid of the crackling. I tried it and it did lessen it by a lot but is still noticeable. Since you're a student with deadlines to meet I would suggest reverting back to Musescore 3 completely. Problems of any magnitude generally take many many months to fix no matter how many people report on them, no matter how big of a problem, and all without any communication. Sometimes they never get fixed...

Good luck out there, soldier.

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