MU 4.0.1: Numerous bugs with parts, including show-stoppers (major).

• Jan 25, 2023 - 04:42

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1. (minor - workaround) When parts created, the "zoom" is set to 0%. In the attached file, the zoom on the saxes and some of the rhythm was set to 75% before saving. If it is not 75%, then the current zoom on each part is not saved and probably should be.
2. (major) The Alto 1 part lost the voltas on the first repeat; the other parts that I checked have those voltas correctly.
3. (minor - workaround) In the saxes, the multimeasure rest in the first repeat was overly compressed horizontally (I fixed the baritone part, but the others still show the over-compression. (Being able to so compress a multimeasure rest should be an option via decreasing stretch, but not a default choice.)
4. (major) The chord symbols did not transfer correctly to the part. This can be seen in the 2nd Trumpet, guitar, piano, and bass parts.
5. (minor for now) In the drumset part, I could not find a way to decrease the space between the paired staves. For the part, I reduced the minimum distance between staves (Style->Page-Min. Staff Distance), but saw no effect on the part. I think the algorithm to place the staves should keep the staves in a system as close together as possible (limited by the Min. Staff Distance option or the notation), regardless of the spacing between systems.
6. (minor for now) Again in the drumset part, for the last two systems in the part, the rehearsal numbers and the voltas leave room for the hidden staff.
7. (minor for now) More easily seen in the drumset part, the "Repeat last two measures" only marks the first of the two measures as used. See measures 48 and 50. This can also be seen in the full score.

I'm not sure that the three designated as "minor for now" are minor since I found no work-around and I'm not sure that the parts should be left as they are now.

Aaron Grosky

Note: I find the idea of the second staff - in this case a 1 line staff with rhythm hints for the drummer - very useful. In particular, I find the option to hide empty measures extremely useful.

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Additional information:

  • This score was created with MU 4.0.1 from the "new" icon. The score had multiple problems including measure numbering, which, starting in measure 2, was corrupted. This may have been the cause of items #2 and #3. In any case, the problem was cause by MU 4.0.1.

  • Attempting to clean up the score, I wrote the score to a MusicXML file and recreated the score by opening the MXL file. This mostly worked, but I found two problems, one with lines (in the piano part to indicate right hand moving between staves) and one with the drumset part (related to #5).

    1. The lines could be stretched, but couldn't be moved vertically.
    2. The handling of the extra staff in the drumset was even worse in the part than before.
  • Loading a 3.6 score into 4.0 had the same problem #4 - the chords loaded into the score, but lost the first character of each chord in the parts. Trying to copy-past the chords from the score to a part produced the same bad result.

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I just loaded the nightly build.
1. Fixed for scores written by 3.6. Unless the zoom percentage needs to be written to the XML file (and wasn't be 4.0.1), then not set when loading from an MXL file.
2. and 3. Not reproducible. However, they seem to be related to corruption that occurred when creating the score in MU 4.0.1. The steps I followed between creating the score and finding problems are not known and, therefore, cannot be reproduced.
4. Fixed
5. No Change
6. No Change
7. No Change

Loading the score from the MXL exposed:
8. Problems with voltas - the voltas are painted onto every stave instead of just the top. (Though there are some cases where a useful operation would be to unwind a repeat in one or more parts while others do repeat, I don't see that MU supports that.)
9. Other problems with the dual-staves in the drumset. The drumset staff is empty in the part. In the score, it's listed as a bass (though it looks like a drumset). After saving and reopening, it is listed as a drumset and the score looks correct, but the drumset part is empty and the settings for the two staves appear bollixed.

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More information on #6 with a PHS - a partially hidden staff completely hidden in the current system:
* Rehearsal numbers may be placed relative to the PHS, but can be moved, allowing the spacing to be decreased.
* Voltas are not only placed relative to the PHS, but are anchored to that staff. They can be moved with auto-placement off, but the system spacing includes space for the PHS.

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