Third Ending Voltas - Suspected Multiple repeats bug in 4.0.1

• Jan 25, 2023 - 14:11

I read through the thread on using multiple repeats and voltas, but I'm still stumped.
When adding a first ending volta with a repeat, and then a second ending, everything works great.
When attempting to add a third ending volta, playback issues occur. I can't access the notes or hear playback.
I changed the repeat list of ending "1.2." to "1,2" and then the third ending to repeat list "3"

Quick video of my steps here:

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I had trouble with this same thing... but after increasing the play count of the first volta(1. 2. ), I found I had to delete the second one (3.) and recreate it to not break playback.

So, now I make sure to edit the 1.2. volta's style, measure play count, etc. BEFORE creating the "escape" volta and everything seems to work. Does anyone know if this is a known bug?

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