Problems installing MS3 or MS4

• Jan 28, 2023 - 19:34

Hi everybody!

I was using MS 3.4.2 on Win10 until recently and wanted to update to MS4.

When installing, I get "An error occured while attempting to create the directory C:/users/tkieh/AppData" and then the process is cancelled.

Shutting down everything else and restart didn't help. So I unistalled the existing MS3 (after having saved my pieces externally) and tried again. Same thing happened.

Looked up the Forum and found out that it maybe was not a good idea to uninstall. So I tried to install the same 3.4.2 version but now I get the same "...AppData" note...

(I can install MuseHub. It creates a shortcut and folders. But when I click it, it doesn't open.)

So now I neither have my old MS version nor can I install anything new :(

Anyone out there has a clue what might be the problem?
Thanks a lot!



Nowadays I'm foggy on Windows stuff. I wonder if your hard disk might benefit from a 'chkdsk' (check disk) session, or if permissions on AppData subdirectory prevent its creation (and thus the error message). (I don't even know if 'chkdsk' is still a thing on Windows v10.)

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