MS4 score creation 'change'

• Jan 29, 2023 - 12:31

Comment: why those behind the development of MS4 chose to alter this... only they know.

Building a new score, I chose alto flute, then alto clarinet, then basset horn. Oh - wait! I don't need the alto clarinet. WHERE'S THE left-arrow (from MS3) that implies "return this instrument to the list it was selected from"?

By arbitrary chance, I noticed the garbage-can icon, highlighted alto clarinet, and it was removed. WTF?

In the attached graphic, I edited-in what many of us used in MS3.

Too late folks, now we're going to LIVE WITH this. 6 months from now, we'll just acclimate to this curious change.

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create_new_MS4_score.png 144.96 KB


I guess I don't understand. You wanted the instrument gone from the score. The trash can icon is standard for this kind of thing.

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