Pop-up windows appear outside or partly outside screen

• Jan 30, 2023 - 09:25

When I open a submenu, the pop-up window sometimes appear at places where I don't see it, or where I cannot grab it with the mouse. I can fix it by shrinking and moving the main window, hoping the the pop-up window will appear where I can see it. Very irritating!

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Are you changing your display settings or window size? That would affect where the dialogs display for sure, since they often remember their previous position but that may no longer make sense if things have changed since then. Your picture does show the dialog title bar, though, so can't you just drag it normally? Also, what OS? Most let you move windows by keystroke also. For example in Windows, try Alt+Space.

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Thank you again, Marc.
Windows detects my two screens correctly (see enclosed screen shot), it is only Musescore which doesn't know where the screens are. If I physically move from one location to another with a different 2nd screen, Windows is sometimes confused in the beginning, but then after a few moments adjusts to the new screen setting. Musescore does unfortunately not do this.

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Thank you, Marc
I reverted to Factory Settings and it didn't help. It is very annoying that I cannot use my secondary screen, as the top of the Musescore window (where the title bar is) is outside the display.
It is an issue I have only with Musescore and it happens also at other locations (with other 2nd screens). It didn't happen with Musescore 3.
What is GitHub and how do I access it?
How can I get in contact with Musescore's support?

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I have something similar.
On one display I have the display resolution changed to a smaller one to get it even with my other screen
and when I put the main MuseScore window aside and than open a popup and it don´t show up,
not even when I put the main MuseScore window back on the screen.
Only after I temporary change the display resolution to the biggest possible, I see the pop-up window.
So always keep your main MuseScore window full open when you open an effect etc.
It´s a kind of bug, should be changed somehow.

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