Musescore4 crashes on opening large files (orchestral)

• Feb 2, 2023 - 01:39

A few weeks ago, I wrote some pieces (large orchestral ones) with the muse sounds. Now if I try to open them it loads for a second and then crashes. I have been able to open smaller piano pieces and 2 instrument works, but these large files won't open. What should I do? on Mac


Your first step is to cross-check your computer system against the minimum System requirements at the foot of the Downloads page:

If you are sure that your Mac meets the minimum requirements, then attach the score on this thread. Otherwise... it might be time to upgrade the hardware.

I am running MS 4.0 successfully on an old Lenovo laptop (about 8 years old). But it's not the original machine spec, because 3 years ago I had the CD drive removed to fit a large SSD instead. Suddenly the machine gained a new lease of life - and the SSD still has 150GB of free space.

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