MuseScore 4 Muse Souds not working

• Feb 2, 2023 - 09:27

So I recently got MuseScore 4 installed, along with Muse Sounds, but whenever I try to use Muse Sounds, very specific notes in my score just do not play at all. It's like the Muse Sounds pack is unfinished or something...

Instrument: Piano
OS: Windows 11
MS4 Version: 4.0.1


You might consider attaching your score here. There are people who take time to look at your notation, to provide possible solutions...

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Yes, but it’s not like the TV has an issue with a specific channel or program is it? In this situation, the TV is either the app or muse sounds itself. I’ve tried this out with new scores, putting in every single note to test it, and it’s always the same notes that don’t work. Not a score issue, that wouldn’t make sense.

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All I can propose is you attach any score that manifests the problem. What does or doesn't make sense is irrelevant. Create a brief score that has the notes in question, that you're willing to make public, here. As long as you resist doing that, not many folk here are likely to comment further.

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Absolutely it’s something specific about the score, since all piano notes do play on other scores.

But, without seeing the score, I can guess - you might have a note in one staff or voice that sustains while another staff or voice then tries to play the same note. That’s physically impossible but of course most pianists would fake it by cutting the first note short and restraining. It works that way in soundfonts but not currently in Muse Sounds.

If that’s what it is, you can switch to MS Basic for now or rewrite that passage to eliminate the overlapping notes. This particular issue is already logged on GitHub so no need to report it further.

If that’s not it, though, then indeed, we’d need you to attach your score to understand and assist further.

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